Bokk Lepp

La Stigmatisation chez les P.V.V.I.H. (Stigmatization of People Living with HIV/AIDS)

Bokk Lepp, based in Kaolack, is one of the first community-based organizations for people living with HIV/AIDS in Senegal. This video was made collaboratively by members of Bokk Lepp with students from Williams College, with support from Africa Consultants International (ACI), an NGO based in Dakar, Senegal. The video addresses stigma against those living with HIV, a serious problem in their community. Members of the group found it hard to film other group members living with HIV since they were frightened that their identities might be inadvertently revealed; and they were very disturbed by the prejudice and stigma they discovered when filming people in the street to ask their opinions about HIV. The video is in Wolof and French, and was made in 2008.

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